Money Saving Tips when Insuring Your Home

July 14th, 2016


In this blog, we try to bring you all sorts of information in keeping with home ownership and the local economy. Since my sales career started many years ago in the family insurance business, I thought it only made sense to talk a little about insurance: ways to save money, ways to maintain your property, and ways to enhance your home’s value.

Of course we all want to save money. Most folks are aware that increasing your deductible and packaging your home and auto together will do just that. The second two mentioned in this article by Cincinnati Insurance may be new information for you. Home security systems are a given but there are some other systems that could offer savings, depending on the carrier. And retirement age may be a new cost-saver in the marketplace. You can see the original article here:

4 Ways to Save on your Homeowner Insurance Premiums

Another all-around great tip is to keep your home properly maintained. There are a lot of housekeeping items you can do to help prevent damage to your home. And keeping written and photo images of improvements, repairs, and maintenance will certainly be an asset if a claim does occur. Other topics mentioned, such as architectural features or alterations and improvements, can also be a big plus when selling your home. And, as always, we want you to be safe! See the attached articles for ways to plan ahead for disasters such as fire and tornadoes to lessen their impact and keep your family from harm.


Alterations & Improvements


Enhance your Property’s Value by Preserving Custom Features

Plan for Regular Maintenance on your Property





Chattanooga Small Business Spotlight: Fast Break

July 6th, 2016

Chattanooga's Favorite Running Store

Fast Break Athletics

19 Cherokee Blvd. on the Northshore

My first experience with Fast Break was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years ago. They left such an impression, my family has continued to get our running and weight lifting shoes there to this day. Nowhere else will you get this kind of expertise. They know everything there is to know about gait, pronation, and other words I knew very little about, and you will leave there feeling that you definitely have the right fit for the right exercise.

Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk (although I don’t think these guys “walk” much). They sponsor local athletic events including the Chattanooga Chase and the Seven Bridges Marathon, and they keep a calendar of events so you can stay up to date on everything from group runs to yoga. And the staff are the real deal. A lot of them were college stars and professional athletes, coaches/trainers, and serve on the board of organizations such as the Chattanooga Track Club.

And it’s not just about the shoes. They also have apparel that will keep you from being too miserable during the heat wave we have experienced this past week. You can find gear there, too; everything from Camelbacks to heart rate monitors to eyewear (foam rollers make good gifts, just sayin’). And since nutrition is key to a good workout, stock up on Hammer Nutrition, Gu, Cliff and a variety of others.

Seriously, go see these folks, and tell them Frank sent you. Maybe they won’t hold that against you.



Fireworks in Chattanooga!

July 6th, 2016


I mean, what kind of a blog would this be if we didn’t mention Chattanooga fireworks for the 4th?! Chattanooga is a wonderful, unique city and we love our fireworks displays, whether it be at baseball games, adventure sporting competitions, or even Christmas. So we would be remiss if July 4th came and went and we did not mention several local opportunities. In Chattanooga we turn it into a 3 day event anyway.

So where should you go each night for the best displays? The “biggies” that you don’t want to miss are as follows:

Saturday, July 2nd – Lake Winnepesaukah

Sunday, July 3rd – Pops on the River at Coolidge Park

Monday, July 4th – Chattanooga Lookouts

Of course, all locals know that there are other great places that are worth taking in. Here are just a few:


Camp Columbus in Hixson, gates open at 5:00. Fireworks at dusk.

Lakesite City Park, events starts at 6:00. Fireworks at 9:00.

Lookout Mountain Fairyland Club (can be seen from Highway 193 below). Fireworks at dusk.


Soddy Lake Ball Fields, after dark.

Chattanooga Golf & Country Club (can be seen from Riverview Road). Approx. 9:45.

Lake Winnepesaukah hosts a 2nd night at 10:00.


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How to Choose the Right Material for your Landscape Project

June 23rd, 2016
      If you are like me, you have a lot of projects that need to be tackled around the house but suffer with “paralysis of analysis” when it comes to getting started. This can be especially true when it comes to landscape ideas, where curb appeal adds to the pressure of making the right choice and where your friends will likely hang out during your summertime entertaining. Whether you are a “do-it-yourselfer” or hire a professional, you will need to make the choice as to what type of material works best for your taste as well as climate.
     In this article from Houzz, 10 of the most popular paving materials are discussed in great detail, with pros and cons listed for each one. There is also a mention of what works well in different climates. So now, instead of gazing out the window wondering how to get started on your next big project, you have a guide to get you headed in the right direction.


Your Guide to 10 Popular Landscape Paving Materials


72 The Parade Ascot Vale Victoria Australia

What Can You Buy on Lookout Mountain?

June 15th, 2016

Along the southern border of Tennessee in the Cumberland Plateau is the gorgeous mountain ridge known as Lookout Mountain. It boasts such interesting places as Rock City, Ruby Falls, the Incline Railway, and Point Park. As far as living on the mountain goes, well … is pretty much a fantasy land. The community offers an award-winning elementary school and great parks and playgrounds. For those interested in swim teams, you can check out the Fairyland Flash. And with 30 miles of trails, hiking is always near your back door. Convenience is also a big plus, with only 6 miles separating the mountain and downtown Chattanooga.

So, what is the housing market like on Lookout? The prices typically are among the top in the Chattanooga area. However, buyers who stay current on what is available can sometimes get a good deal. Of course, we would be happy to set up a listing alert for you so you always know what’s coming on the market.

Take a look at this current listing, it is recently renovated and is beautiful inside and out.


211 N Forrest

211_N_Forrest_Ave_02  211_N_Forrest_Ave_10

211_N_Forrest_Ave_12    211_N_Forrest_Ave_14


So what else can you get on Lookout Mountain, TN? Here are the current listings:

37350 Listings



Chattanooga Small Business Spotlight: Olive Chattanooga

June 9th, 2016

OK, so the Frank Trimble Team may have a serious addiction to this one! Olive Chattanooga is a gem on the Northshore, located on Woodland Avenue just off Frazier. They carry a ton of olive oils and aged balsamics in everything from prickly pear to garlic. You are welcome to try a “shot” of each one. For sauteing vegetables our go-to is always the black pepper infused olive oil. And who knew dark balsamics would be tasty on ice cream (really, they are) – the strawberry makes vanilla ice cream just right. Check for monthly specials, such as their new “hot” line. These products also make great gifts. Be sure to tell them Frank sent ya’.


Olive Chattanooga






Organized From the Start: 8 Smart Systems for Your New House

March 11th, 2016

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a new home can fill up with junk drawers and spaces? Houzz has come up with some great tips on how to make a place for everything as soon as you move into your new home. If you are ready for a fresh start, give us a call and we will work with you to find your perfect place!

8 Smart Systems


Houzz kitchen  Houzz files  Houzz pantry


How to Treat Your Home to a January Health Kick

January 13th, 2016

Houzz offers this creative article that takes the typical New Year’s resolution activities such as staying hydrated and cutting back on sweets, and applies them to your house! Brilliant!

New Year’s Resolutions for your Home

Holiday Attractions in Chattanooga

November 30th, 2015



Chattanooga has once again been recognized on a national level for being an all-around great town. The most recent accolades come from Wall Street Journal as they named our fair city a “Best Place to Retire”. A common thread among the articles we’ve seen are the many cultural offerings such as museums, symphony, and ballet. This is never more evident than during the holiday season. Check out the calendar of events here:

Winter Holiday Attractions in Chattanooga


ballet  holiday-music






Top 5 (and Bottom 5!) Remodel Ideas

May 29th, 2015

The real estate market in Chattanooga has really taken off in the second quarter and those of you who have been on the fence about selling your home may want to think about getting it ready to list. There are some upgrades that are worth the money in terms of resale and others, well…… not so much.

In this recent article from Houzz you can find out which remodeling ideas can get you the most return on your investment.


5 Remodels That Make Good Resale Value Sense- and 5 That Don’t



                        Photo Credit: Kim Sargent